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Allowing TELESTARSTUDY Distributors to handle some, or all of your order fulfillment, lets you reclaim some of your time so you can focus directly on the areas of your business that make you money.


TELESTARSTUDY Distributors becomes an extension of your company, but your customer only sees your branding. You can spend more time handling customer service issues and have more time to focus on selling products rather than spending hours each day picking, packing and shipping orders. You can also reduce the amount of shipping supplies you need to have on hand. When we fulfill your orders, you pay as the sale happens, not before.


Order Fulfillment can be handled in different ways. You decide on a sensible interval (usually once per day) to communicate your order information. You can follow any of 3 different options. You can choose to load each order individually through our website and they will come to us via our website system interface. You can email us an order file (usually *.csv or *.xls) that contains all of the necessary info for us to fulfill your orders. Or we can log directly into your selling site (your shopping cart, Ebay or Amazon) and download an order report directly into our system. This third option is typically used by larger accounts.

  • We pick, pack & ship your orders within 24 hours (next business day) of order receipt. Usually the orders are shipped the same day.

  • We carry a wide variety of packaging supplies.

  • Order processing via manual order entry, *.csv file uploads or spreadsheet file integration with your shopping cart or other ecommerce systems.

  • Packing List customized to your order and branding.

  • Order confirmations and tracking information.

  • Domestic shipping via FedEX, UPS or USPS.

  • International shipping via FedEX Express, UPS or USPS.


Order Fulfillment charges only occur when you make a sale. Also, don’t forget about our Gift Wrapping and Laser Printed Occasion Cards services. Two simple ways to increase your bottom line without any extra work.


If you have any questions or require additional information you are welcome to contact us.
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We will do our best to update product information as it is made available by the manufacturers, but please note that product specs, availability and prices are subject to change without notice.