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1. Who is elegible to open an account?
- We are a Wholesale Distributor, which means we sell to a person or business that will re-sell the item in a retail environment. A Resale Certificate is necessary.

2. What do I need to open an account?
- The first step is that you visit our Account Registration page on our website, fill out the form, and hit submit.  The second step is that you either email ([email protected]) or fax (954-786-1788) a copy of your Resale Certificate.  Once your application is received and reviewed, we will activate your online account enabling you to place orders. .

3. Why can't I use my Gmail email address when registering?
- In order to become an active, registered customer of TELESTARSTUDY Distributors, an active, reliable email address is required. Gmail has proven to be unreliable for business email communication.

4. How much is shipping?
- Shipping costs will vary depending upon the size and weight of your order. We charge our customers what we pay to ship. We can only give a shipping quote after an order has been pulled and packed.

5. How can I get a shipping quote?
- If you require a shipping quote prior to us shipping your order, please let us know in advance. We can process your order and obtain a shipping quote and hold the order for you..

6. Do you have an order minimum?
- No, we do not have order minimums. Each listing on our website should contain the smallest increment in which that item is offered. The description will read “sold as eaches”, “sold as sets” or “sold as cases”, etc. If sold as eaches you can order as few as one piece. If sold as cases you can order as few as one case.

7. When will my order ship?
- If you have pre-ordered an item with us we will automatically ship that item to you immediately upon arrival in our warehouse. Depending upon the time of day that items arrive in our warehouse they will ship the same day as arrival or by the next business day. If you require that we not ship your order immediately please let your sales rep know this and you can make arrangements.

8. When will I be charged for my order?
- Under normal circumstances we do not charge our customers until an order has been processed and is ready to ship. It is rare, but some special orders require a customer deposit.

9. What does it mean if the website states an item is In-Stock?
- This means that this item is currently in our warehouse and if ordered will typically ship the same day.

10. What does it mean if the website states an item is Pre-Sold-Out?
- This means that we have sold all of this item that is available to us from the manufacturer. This item is no longer available to order. We leave this item listed for informational purposes only.

11. What does it mean if the website states an item is On Backorder?
- This means that we have received and shipped all of our first allotment of this item and are awaiting an additional shipment from the manufacturer. This occurs when we sell out of an item quickly and the manufacturer has more to offer or when a manufacturer ships in waves.

12. What does it mean if the website states an item is a Special Order?
- This means that we have received our initial order of this item from the manufacturer and have sold out of it and don’t expect to carry any extra stock of this item. It is still available from the manufacturer and we will gladly order more as customers place orders for this item. You are welcome to order this item. We will then immediately order this item from the manufacturer and inform you of availability and timing.

13. What does it mean if the website states an item is Cancelled?
- This means that this item is no longer available for order. This can happen when a manufacturer decides not to make the item or they decide to make it an exclusive to a single company. This item is no longer available to order and any orders for this item would be cancelled. We leave this item listed for informational purposes only.

14. What does it mean if the website states an item is Pre-Order or Pre-Order with Deadline?
- This means that this item is currently available for order prior to release. The release date listed is the manufacturer scheduled date and may be changed. You will not be charged for this order until this item is processed for shipping. If a Pre-Order Deadline is listed then the pricing for this item is valid only until the deadline listed. After that point, it may no longer be available to order directly from the manufacturer and we therefore cannot guarantee its pricing or availability. If there is no deadline associated with a Pre-Order item than it is available for pre-order until listed as Sold-Out.

15. What shipping methods do you use?
- We use FedEx, UPS, USPS and freight companies. This allows us to shop around for the best shipping rates to pass on to our customers.

15. What payment options do you offer?
- All new accounts must pay for the shipment prior to it leaving our warehouse. This can be done easily by us charging your credit card on file. Putting your credit card on file is as easy as downloading a Credit Card Authorization Form from our website, filling it out and faxing it back to us at 954-786-1788 or emailing to [email protected] - Or you can place an order using our secure website and fill out the credit card payment information when prompted during the checkout process.

If you have any questions or require additional information you are welcome to contact us.
Please click here to be redirected to the Contact Page.

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We will do our best to update product information as it is made available by the manufacturers, but please note that product specs, availability and prices are subject to change without notice.